All That Matters Is What He Has Done

The Christian life is not about serving God here or there. And it is not about doing this task or the other for the sake of the gospel. It is not about feeling this or that in moments of solitude and meditation. The Christian life is about what He did for me on the cross of Calvary. I may set out to do this one task or go here or there or venture out with all my might to reach the lost. Those are undoubtedly noble things. But, am I content to loving Jesus and knowing Him where ever He puts me? O whatever my circumstances are? Can I be like Paul, who thought his visit to Rome was only for a moment on his way to Spain but ended up spending two years there in prison? Can I accept my place in this world and look at the cross alone for salvation? Or do I need to see myself doing something or hear myself say something to believe that I am a child of God? To rest in Him no matter what happens in my life is the key that unlocks the Christian life. In the end, all that matters is what Christ has done for me. All my merits and doing and coming and going mean nothing if Christ is not the center of it all.

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