Beware of things that sound so Christianese

Beware of things that sound so Christianese but mean absolutely nothing.

I live in a very religious city. People may not be aware of how religious they are, but they are. There is so much Christian jargon tossed around me that sometimes, after talking to someone, I walk away from them a little confused as to whether that person knows Jesus or not. And very often, I realize that they are just using terms and words meant to be used by God’s people as a means to either enhance their vocabulary or an amulet to gain favor from God.

This is very sad. But what is even more disturbing is how people are willing to listen to the garbage and bunched up jargon that means absolutely nothing and not even think for a second that the person who speaking said nothing of substance at all.

I just recently heard a famous preacher in Latin America speak on a YouTube video. His name is Cash Luna. He is a prosperity gospel preacher and a so-called anointed of the Lord who cannot be touched or corrected in whatever he says. I was curious about what he was all about because here in Ibarra; he seems to be the lastest accessory in Christian circles. I listened to three videos. And I was appalled to hear that the guy had nothing smart say at all. His sermons, if one can call them that, were nothing but a bunch of random phrases mixed with Bible verses and a massive amount of heresies along with self-proclamations of whatever “spirit-filled” authority. I know… that all sounded like gibberish, but that’s exactly what the guy is like. (Please don’t make me call him pastor. He is not!!!) As I endured this guy’s mumble jumble, I couldn’t help but be mad at him. People were watching him as if he was the glowing fish in “Finding Nemo.” Eyes fixed on him, listening to random non-sense thoughts. Not once opening the Bible. Flashy screens hyped-up music, and loads of Christianese.

Beware, friends. God cannot be and will not be mocked. If you listen to garbage, even the kind that is dressed up like holiness, you will end up disappointed and worse of all LOST! Read the Bible. Study the Bible. Be willing to set aside all the hype and junk that has sadly crept in the churches and seek to know God and Him alone. Don’t fall into the trap of believing all you see and hear. Christianity is not meant to be a leisurely cruise through the Caribbean. It is warfare! So put on your boots, pick up your shield, and fight the good fight. Ignore the voices that claim to be Christ’s and learn to discern God’s Word from the world’s. If you don’t, you will be sorry later. You surely will. He promises.

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