Perseverance. There is a word that most of us know but are too impatient to put into practice. The promise of quick results here and there gives me anxiety. Anxiety turns my eyes from God to circumstances and outcomes. The countless reports, videos, and blogs, of do this and that, and it will yield this great result are tools that can help me stay focus if I need a little push and help me stay motivated. But, they can also be tools that move my eyes, mind, and heart away from biblical truths and biblical principals.

The apostle Paul encouraged his readers to press on to move forward and reach the goal. He wanted them to persevere. His readers lived in a hostile world with hostile methods and a hostile attitude towards Christians. Paul himself was mistreated for introducing the gospel in a place and time when the people didn’t care much about good morals and sound doctrine. They had other things in mind. The gospel, for many, wasn’t good news. Instead, the gospel was the enemy of carnality and self-indulgence. And here is Paul, encouraging people to persevere. Through pain. Through loneliness. Through unbelief. Through mockery.

Today, I pray I can heed to Paul’s words. I pray that I can press on to the goal. In the end, the goal, which is not my comfort, nor exponential growth, nor riches and honor on this earth. I pray I can attain to that for which Jesus captured me. And that I can for once forget the things that I left behind.

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