Do I need the gospel daily?

romans 1_16

God’s word has transformative powers. The gospel itself is God’s great power to bring people into saving grace. But it is also his instrument to transform believers daily. The tool that he ordained for my salvation is the same tool he appointed for my sanctification. The gospel is not something we use for unbelievers when we want them to make a quick decision for Jesus. The gospel is God’s power to save and continue to save those who are already saved.

I am saved. I am justified by the redeeming work of Christ on the cross for me. This means that I have been freely given something that I could not attain on my own. No deed on my part could have earned for me what Christ accomplished on a bloody cross. Justification is complete. So, what kind of salvation do I need if I already have all that I need? What do I still need to be saved from?

I need to be saved from the carnal and sinful desires that still remain in my mortal body. I need to be saved from all the distractions that naturally happen inside my own heart. I need a constant reminder that this world is not my own. Jesus paid it all. And that one day, I will be freed from all the junk that pulls my heart away from Christ. I need the gospel. The gospel brings me back, again and again, to the place of surrender, of letting go of this world.

The gospel saves me. The gospel is God’s power to transform my life and conform it to the image of my Savior. I need its power, its reminder, its active grace for today. Again.

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