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My name is Maria Whittaker here. I am a wife, mom, Christian believer, and a fellow ragamuffin. I’ve been serving the Lord on the mission field since 2007. Our family served in the United States through the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Association and also overseas in four different countries. Now, I live in Ibarra, Ecuador, with my husband, Cody, and our three children, Isabela, Jake, and Gaby. It is here that I lead women’s Bible studies to encourage them to grow in their faith. We work through the inductive study method to learn more about God and our walk with Him.

The term “ragamuffin” became my favorite years after becoming a Christian. Inspired by Rich Mullins’ raw and real music, I felt like I could identify with his honest view of himself and God. He wasn’t perfect, but he knew He was loved by God. You see, people tend to elevate missionaries serving overseas (or even pastors or anyone else in ministry). But in my many years living and serving overseas, I’ve discovered that we are nothing but a bunch of little none ones (ragamuffins) serving a wonderful and awesome God. 

I am still learning and in need to be reminded that this is His world. The life I live is His story being played out through me. And we are all in the journey of discovering who God is. I am a fellow ragamuffin, and this is my journal. Where I get to share about my own journey with Jesus, share my heart and hear yours, and offer you clean products to remind you of the Savior we love and live for. So I hope you enjoy being here. 

May His sufficient grace abound in your day today!


One of my favorite quotes

““My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it.”

– Brennan Manning